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The Grimm Family // North KC fields

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Where do we begin? We've been connecting with Beth via Instagram for several months now, awing over her beautiful photos and attempting to find a date to get together and collaborate.

Well, it happened, and it was magical. Not only is she the sweetest human, but she's a pro behind (and in front) of the camera. And can we talk about how adorable her boys are?

We met Beth and her boys in North KC and headed out to a field by her house (always the best locations). Safe to say we all underestimated just how freezing it was outside. The boys were troopers and lasted as long as they could until they were summoned to go sit in the warm car.

We wandered around the field, exchanging photos back and forth. It's the biggest plus as a photographer when you can connect with other photographers and trade services. Beth was needing some family photos and some casual headshots, and Corey and I needed any professional photos of us AT ALL. It worked out flawlessly.

Next up with the Grimm family: Christmas photos?


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