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Sarah & Greer // Crossroads Venue

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I'd just like to start off by mentioning that this shoot came about after we broke this momma's (Sarah) vintage plate at a shoot we did back in October. Sarah was kind enough to let us use her beautiful plates for our shoot and one of them broke in transport.

Fortunately, she was super understanding and it actually led us to schedule a shoot with her family. It seems like that's kind of how life has been working out lately, and we definitely aren't complaining. We've come to the beautiful realization that the saying really is true -- when one door closes, another one opens. Now that I think about it, this photography business wouldn't be where it Is without some obstacles that we've faced.

That being said, it also helps to have kind and forgiving people in your life. Have you ever met someone that quite literally lights up a room the second they walk into it? That's Sarah. She is one of those special people that genuinely wants to help you in life and she goes out of her way to do so.

We feel privileged to have broken her plate and we can't wait to work with her and her amazing family again.


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