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Heidi & Naomi // Downtown KCMO

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

This mommy-daughter duo is straight-off-the-runway stylish. We met them in downtown Kansas City, Missouri and the second they stepped out of the car, I knew this was going to be a fun shoot.

It's so hard to not want to control every little detail of a shoot as a photographer. A lot of photographers release style guides that they send to future clients to help them pick their outfits for this very reason. A lot of people think that it's best to match and wear colors that reflect the season, your personality, or your general style. While that can be great for accomplishing all of those said things, sometimes those clothes really take away from the people themselves.

Our goal is always to capture YOU. The beautiful souls that hire us to stop your moments in time and hand them over to you to hold onto forever. What are you going to think about that neon crop top in 10 years? Probably nothing great.

We always suggest that clients pick clothes that compliment each other - not necessarily clothes that match. We also looooove neutral colors. This really puts the focus on the client and not the distracting colors and patterns.

Alas, Heidi and Naomi KILLED it, although I'm sure Naomi had little to do with her mothers stellar fashion choices.

Not only were their clothes simple and neutral, they also had a lot of texture, which adds nice detail to the photos without being overbearing.

Take a look for yourself...


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