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Kaitlan & Alvan // Castle Rock Inspired Elopement

When you think of your wedding day what is the first thing that comes to you mind? For some it's celebrating with your friends and family, the dreamy decor, the DRESS, and for most it's your person. The one that this whole wedding thing is really about.

This shoot with Kaitlan and Alvan is inspired by our dream wedding day. Some of our favorite memories together were made at Castle Rock last summer, so we knew that the beautiful Kansas Badlands had to be the location for this inspired elopement. Imagine you're at your wedding day, but you're dreaming that you're right back at your favorite spot with your person. You're truly in the moment with them -- transported. That's the inspiration behind this shoot and the reason we roped these two love birds into driving 6.5 hours from their home to spend a day wandering with us.

Corey and I have been doing a lot of thinking about the priorities in our own future wedding day. Our perspectives have changed drastically after shooting several weddings and being apart of so many wedding days ourselves. Growing up, neither of us really thought about our weddings too much. I always felt like the odd girl out when my friends would talk about their dream wedding - I hadn't EVER thought about it and didn't really understand.

Then I met Corey. After 3 years together we started the ~wedding talk~ and our conversations evolved over time. We always wanted something intimate, but we knew for sure that was the route we wanted to take after my sister Kelsey and her husband Joe got hitched in Colorado.

They wanted a small, intimate ceremony in the mountains with immediate family only. We spent the weekend together in a beautiful Airbnb in the mountains and had their ceremony up on the magical Sapphire Point overlook. If you've seen any fairytale ever, you basically attended their ceremony. It was unlike "wedding" I had ever imagined. It was perfect.

This shoot embodies the intimacy of that day and the love and connection we all felt. It's so close to our hearts. Enjoy.


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