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Jaycee & Trey // Surprise Engagement

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Ok, this was a fun one.

Trey and Corey have been friends for years, so we were absolutely thrilled when Jaycee asked us to take holiday photos for them. What she didn't know was that Trey had another idea for our shoot together.

Trey contacted Corey and I a few weeks before the shoot and told us he was planning to propose to Jaycee during the shoot. We originally planned to take photos at Loose Park, but Trey wanted to propose at The Country Club Plaza seeing as their famous Christmas lights had just been turned on.

So, of course, I spoke with Jaycee all sneaky-like and tried to suggest The Plaza for our second shooting location. She agreed and we were all set.

The day of the big proposal, a thick fog rolled in and filled the entire city. If you aren't a photographer, you may not know that fog is actually heaven sent for photos. That haze-y goodness adds some magical, soft light to everything in the photo - including the subjects.

We made it to The Plaza after Loose and the plan was going accordingly -- I called Jaycee over to look at one of the photos on my camera and Trey got down on one knee. When Jaycee turned around, there he was.

I've never seen two people in a greater state of bliss than these two were at that very moment.

Corey and I walked away from that night feeling so extremely lucky to be able to capture these kinds of moments for the people we love. It's easy to take our role for granted during times of high stress and burn out, but being present for monumental moments in the lives of others will never get old for us.


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